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Hi, my name is Tom Wiesing and I am a PhD candidate in the KWARC Group at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg.

In my free time I like to code and make random websites. I also volunteer for the Jacobs Alumni Association, acting as their Assessor of Information Technology.


Mathematical practice typically consists of four aspects:

  1. making inferences about mathematical knowledge;
  2. writing narrating content about specific knowledge;
  3. generating large amounts of informormation and concretizing it in some form of database; and
  4. making computations.

These are connected by a central ontology.

My research topic is how to digitally support such tetrapodal mathematics with a focus on search. I am performing this research using research systems such as MathHub, MathWebSearch and MathDataHub.

I am particularly interested in mathematical datasets, and how these are typicalled searched through in practice. Datasets can include anything from simple listings of interesting mathematical objects; via corpora of papers written in LaTeX; to strictly defined objects in some logical system.

Search practices consists of queries and how to evaluate them. Queries can range from simple things like find all groups with a specific generator to more complex things like find all papers that cite a paper which contains a formula that unifies withx+yx𝑥𝑦𝑥(x + y) / x..

Other Associations

I have visited the National Institute of Standards and Technology four times between 2017 and 2021 in order to help work on LaTeXML, a software that transforms LaTeX documents into annotated XHTML.

I was formerly associated to Jacobs University Bremen, where I achieved aMaster Of Science in Data Engineering (Class of 2017) and a Bachelor Of Science in Applied & Computational Mathematics (Class of 2015). I was also the President of the Graduate Student Association of Jacobs University for the majority of my final two semesters.

ContactYou may best contact me by sending an email to I prefer plain text emails in english, but I also speak german.
My public PGP key has the fingerprint CF21 1096 D46E 2650 6A1D 6F7B DABB 5DB5 A09C 64BA and should be accessible from all of the commonly used keyservers.
If you want me to keep your message confidential, please send me a PGP encrypted email and I will respond accordingly.