Tom Wiesing
About Hi, my name is Tom Wiesing and I am a German guy who is currently a Data Engineering master student at Jacobs University Bremen in my 4th and final semester.
I am working for KWARC mostly on localmh, a cross-repository administration tool for the local authoring of content.
In my free time I like to code and make random tweets.
Contact You may best contact me by sending an email to I prefer plain text emails in english, but I also speak german.
My public PGP key has the fingerprint CF21 1096 D46E 2650 6A1D 6F7B DABB 5DB5 A09C 64BA and should be accessible from all of the commonly used keyservers.
As a rule, I will use this key to sign any email that I send. If you want me to keep your message confidential, please send me a PGP encrypted email and I will respond accordingly.